LinkOmnia Limited


The creation of a product requires close collaboration between two parties – the client and the vendor. Upon conception of an idea, the client will approach us and explore the feasibility of development. Our job begins with a project evaluation, where we deliberate over the idea’s practicality. We then move into systems architecture design, where we determine what foundation works best for your project. Next we begin implementation, which is basically coding and programming. And finally we launch production and publishing, which is the rollout of a system, soft launch of a site, or launch of an application.

Our team of professionals has years of experience in systems design and integration. It does not matter if you are finance firm, a book publisher, a manufacturer, or a non-profit organization. All systems are created upon a basic foundation. Once the foundation is in place, LinkOmnia works closely with the client to personalize the system and make sure it is just how they intend it to be.