Green Visa Details

Green Visa Details

When planning a trip to Vietnam, whether you want to explore all this magnificent country must offer for your honeymoon or you want to enjoy a family vacation soaking up the history and culture, you will probably need a Vietnam visa.

There are two ways to obtain the right of entry that you require. The first is to visit the embassy in your home country, complete an application and pay the fee and wait for the visa to be ready or you may apply online for an approval letter, which is cheaper and much faster.

The very first option of visiting the Vietnamese embassy in your home country is advantageous and many people feel this really is a safer option, but be aware that in some cases the options they have available may not be the same as accepted in Vietnam, for example the duration of the visa being offered.

Online has become the most trusted and quickest way to secure a Vietnam visa. You apply online, which takes minutes, pay your approval letter fee and acquire your approval letter sent to your e-mail within 48 hours. It really is crucial for you to print out the letter and take it with you, while you shall need to show this before you depart.

On arrive in the country, you will be necessary to show your approval letter, without it you will be refused entry. After they have looked over your passport and approval letter, they are going to stamp the Vietnam visa in your passport and you will have to pay a stamp fee.

It is necessary that you've got some idea of your travel dates prior to deciding to submit any applications. Having some indication of your travel dates can ensure that the right of entry you receive is valid during the time of travel. Whenever you apply online the date you give will be the very first date you can travel, even though should you have to postpone your travel for a number of days, it will still be valid.

Always apply in advance. This really is exceptionally important should you have decided to secure your Vietnam visa from the Vietnamese Embassy within your home country. This isn't as fast as applying online and may also take anything from a couple of days to weeks prior to the approval comes through.

You can find some countries that are able to enter the country with no valid visa. It is vital you make sure that your country is not listed and get the mandatory documentation to prevent disappointment on arrival.

Those traveling from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia can go into the country for thirty days without a visa. Those coming from the Philippines can enter completely visa free for twenty one days and those coming from Finland, Denmark, Russia, Norway, Sweden, South Korea or Japan can enter green visa - mouse click the following post - free for fifteen days.

Most travelers who apply online or at their local embassy for a tourist Vietnam visa will receive thirty days entry into the country. Please observe that the country can be very strict on those that overstay, so if you think you want to stay a number of extra days, ensure you visit the embassy offices in the town you are visiting as quickly as possible to get an extension for an extra thirty days.

The country provides those travelling for business to get a business visa, which is valid for six months. So that you can qualify, you shall have to possess a Vietnamese sponsor.
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