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At LinkOmnia, we help businesses embrace today’s always-connected, mobile world.

Mobile App Development

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience developing native applications for modern smartphones. We develop high performance apps that utilise the full capabilities of each mobile platform by using their native APIs.

Website Development

From simple product microsites, to content management systems, to investment trading platforms, our team has done it all. Our creations use responsive design, so they look great both on large monitors and on smartphones, and everything else in between.

Full Stack Developer

Modern software systems consist of multiple layers, from server hosting, data storage, business logic, to user interface and user experience. Our team is experienced with each layer of the stack.

Content Management Systems

Our team has plenty of experience on building Content Management Systems. We develop high performance sites that utilise the full capabilities of systems by using their modern techonlogy.

Cloud Platform & Services

Our team has over 20 years on developing Cloud Platform and Services. We could help you to build a soultion and systems to imporve the performance of daily operations, such as online chating system, remote control, access and file sharing of documents.


We provide consultancy services with professional guidance relating to systems architecture and design and the proper construction of networks and systems. Our development team has the experience and the technology to develop applications on a variety of platforms and devices. Contact us for more information on our application development services.


A selection of what we have done.

St Anthony’s Church (iBreviarium)

iOS Apps; Android Apps; Content Management Systems

Private Cloud

Remote Files Management Platform

Team Communication Platform

Work Remote; Communication

Paragon Auctions International

Content Management System

Global Medicare

Content Management System

Targin Sales Presentation

iPad App

Guangzhou Automobile Detroit Auto Show 2013

Content Management System

Langham Place “My Way My Place” Promotion

Website; Social Network Integration


Shopping Cart; Content Management System

Langham Place “Food and Wine Festival” Promotion

Event calendar; Website

Private Fund Investors Management System

Investors Management System

Synergy Computers & Communications

Website; Content Management System


Content Management Systems; iOS Apps; Android Apps; In-app Data Collection System with Drawing Board; Email Newsletter Tracking; Push Notifications System

Guangzhou Automobile Corporate Document Management System

Document Management System; Training

Metro Daily Hong Kong

Content Management Systems; iOS Apps; Android Apps; Email Newsletters


If you can dream it up, we’ll figure out how to make your vision a reality.

Linkomnia is a company that dedicates itself to creating platforms through which customers can effectively convey their ideas and concepts to their audience.

With over ten years of experience working on cloud computing before the term was even coined, we can help you prepare for exponential growth. The possibilities are endless.

We have successfully assisted companies ranging from local startups to traditional media, modernising both their existing backend software and mobile apps to achieve web scale.

If you can dream it up, we’ll figure out how to make your vision a reality.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the ability to solve technical issues. Customers use us and continue to come back to us because our systems are both steady and dependable.

Technical Expertise

sound understanding and knowledge of both hardware and software. We possess the ability to launch systems across all platforms that include Windows, Linux, and Macintosh and across all browsers.


proven results across all products including web sites, mobile apps, networks, CMS, databases, etc.

Diverse Programming Knowledge

solid competency in a wide range of languages that include flash, java script, ajax, C / C++, Objective C, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, HTML5, Elang, Go lang, Javascript, etc…


able to work within clients’ specifications and at the same time, adapt to a changing environment when needed.

The creation of a product requires close collaboration between two parties – the client and the vendor. Upon conception of an idea, the client will approach us and explore the feasibility of development. Our job begins with a project evaluation, where we deliberate over the idea’s practicality. We then move into systems architecture design, where we determine what foundation works best for your project. Next we begin implementation, which is basically coding and programming. And finally we launch production and publishing, which is the rollout of a system, soft launch of a site, or launch of an application.

Our team of professionals has years of experience in systems design and integration. It does not matter if you are finance firm, a book publisher, a manufacturer, or a non-profit organization. All systems are created upon a basic foundation. Once the foundation is in place, LinkOmnia works closely with the client to personalize the system and make sure it is just how they intend it to be.

Contact Us

We welcome you to contact us to discuss potential projects that you wish to carry out. Our team of dedicated professionals will be happy to meet with you to evaluate your current needs and work with you to come up with a plan to implement technical systems improvements.


Room 2D, 2/F, Cheung Ling Mansion, 3-13 Nullah Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong.